Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the day I decided to land on this career path

I know I am
I know I am stuck to this country forever
Stuck to this country I was born, breed & earn $ to survived
On the day I decided to be an Insurance Agent with Prudential

24 May 2012 marked the day I am officially ONE-Prudential-year-old


a great step 
a big leap
to a great ......

Yes, you heard me right
I had every thought of leaving this country
to leave this sick land

what were my options and reasons?
- this country is dirty
- very dirty
- from the streets up until Putrajaya 
- maybe the Istana Negara is an exceptional; I owned a piece of brick in there donk!

What had I achieve in this 1 year?

- helped more then 2 dozen individuals and their families
- I never knew volunteering and my interest of helping had extended to this career path
- how not me assisting lives to your love ones 
- had so much much LESSER yam char time with buddies.... kalaikahleekarlor... as of how FarmMama named us
- being able to advice adults, real mature human on planning for their futures and their loves ones...

Selling is not what I do
Giving is not it
Contributing is not what I am good at
Sharing is what I could afford
May you yourself help your future you

Many friends had asked, what do you I do? or rather what does an Insurance Agent do?
Drink coffee
Share story
Sell money

disclamer: there is much more behind the scene which I had yet to reveal
check out my coming post... there will be more behind the scene of what does your Insurance Agent do... ?

Monday, April 2, 2012


it is a big number.
welcome me, myself home.
here i meant.

i ended 2011 with a super short break to Macau.
a flight paid trip.
fun work.
24 hours well spend overseas.

2012 kick started with Hong Kong.
yap. 1 hour a way from the last destination.
what a ha-ha.
trip with sis was great.
as well as a farewell trip with luyi.
gonna miss her.
6 months without kalee.
the other kakis gonna receive more calls from me?
first timer: it was an unplanned flight missed.
it was not a good.

i believe i will never change job again.
loving you, current job.

2012 star club.
my next target.
galaxy note!
here I come April 2012... :)

i need all your supports, mate.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

tahun dua kosong satu kosong

it'e been super long since i last blog.
since the existence of Facebook & Twitter; the more social media... i've lack post of blogs.
moreover with my extensive usage of my new BlackBerry which I did not even blog ab
out it (when I first purchase it)... awwwwrrrgggghhhh.

i need to even look back at my previous post to check out when did i blog. =(

my 2010. i couldn't really remember how was it & what was it about.

friends told me it's again full of travelling around. (via my posts & uploads on Facebook).

2010 was my first ever FACE-TO-FACE sales job. it is with Hong Leong Assurance.
How did I ended up there? ask me face-to-face. virtual expression couldn't express.

The experiences itself was already.... *speechless*
2 weeks of intensive Mandarin class training I called it.
I could speak & understand mandarin this year, a whole lot more then what I could had spoken my whole life before this. *amazement? i guess so*
I could not believe myself explaining product to customers in 80% mandarin.

Travel fly & moving around. (to compile this here I would need to check from my FB albums =.=)
Jan 2010: could not remember
Feb 2010: Penang
* Chinese New Year balik kampung trip
March 2010: Macau/HK/Macau trip with sis
* it was an awesome experienced. our first flight away together. to our favourite TVB land.
when small kids dream, big kids fulfil it.
April 2010: Penang
* Maternal Grandma passed away, attended her funeral in Penang.
April 2010: Cherating Beach, Kuantan, Pahang
* Raleigh 2009/2010 Comm trip.. it was a nice relaxing trip with a friend kena jelly fish sting. *spend 2.5 hours in the hospital kerajaan*
May 2010: Penang
* Prudential family trip at Shangri-La Resort
June 2010: Penang
* a trip back for the Treasure Hunt Race with Felix, Shi Han & Sow Chan
June 2010: Penang
* another trip back for Kenneth's Wedding Dinner!
July 2010: Penang
* another trip back but lupa buat apa
August 2010: Penang
* another trip back for Calista's Hair Design Opening
September 2010: Bangkok, Thailand
* a backpacking trip supposing-ly a solo trip, but ended up with arChin tagging along. *great 1st try travelling together*
October 2010: Genting
* supposing balik Penang for ah Soon's wedding but got cancelled, bought the wrong flight
ticket, therefore I went to join the gang up in Genting for Genting Trailblazer.
November 2010: Palace of the Golden Horses
* HLA annual company dinner, first time dinner sana. food not that ok. time spend ok-ok sahaja juga.
December 2010: NUS, Singapore
* Raleigh Asia Regional Conference
December 2010: Penang
* Christmas celebration with the family

above mentions are travelling journey above 1hour+.
there were countless car-rides drives to KKB & etc. for a night campover, over a pot of tea... =D

Facebook had literally took over me in my blog.
*blame BB for there's not blogger.com apps and they do have other blog apps.. =(

that's a little wrap up of my life in 2010.
travelled back to Penang EVERY MONTH! =D
went to Macau, Hong Kong, Thailand & Singapore.
i flight almost every 2 months! *thanks to AirAsia for all the cheap flights!*

next blog post might be more related to my CNY 2011? *depends mood lah.. >.<*

*that's a cousin photo (not complete) with my grandpa during his birthday*

Monday, November 22, 2010

guitar me not?

saw a 2nd hand guitar for sale.
grab it.
checked it out.
nice buy.
replaced with new strings.
loving it!

when would i be able to produce nice musics??...
*that's the hardest part*

inquest for my search of mr.guitar? haha...
atleast this could self-comfort...


it's been half a year since i last blog...
since i've actually started working in Hong Leong.. looking back..

life's been busy with trainings, attachment, and real sales...
and Raleigh caught up during AGM... yup, im back into the committee...
but for almost 5 months dah... i do not feel i've did much..

it's been long since i took MC.. and today is a day to rest & relax.. with tummy ex-gastric wound ache...

yesterday's Penang Bridge International Marathon was a great time i had... enjoyed walking with hands wide open & the scenic views of Penang Bridge..
i've never walked so far along penang bridge.. while walking.. some thoughts did came through my mins..
+ today i'm feeling sicked &... this brought worst thoughts...

what's my life's objectives & target now??
i felt my current position in this company is no longer as strong as i had... a month or 2 ago..
maybe hearing of other available positions open-ups my doors, windows & mind...

should i really get out there & hunt for more opportunity?

a little confused mind... little i do.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

it's been a hectic week

to be correct, it been 6 days almost a week since my Maternal grandma passed away. Time truly flies.
I'm back in KL.
shifted house.
super greater to all my friends who came to help.
did not expected it to be a fast one tho.
shifted one whole house all in less then 2 hours.

It's been an emo week.
Had lots in mind to think & to re-act in situations...
sometimes thing does bring back good & old memories....
wishing for more dreams to come true.

when will i know when 'it have arrive' ?

God Help!!! I need your guidance.... 'for a stronger christal to live up this challenge'.

My DATE Night

i might be too late for this contest but would really love to 'pen this down'...

after reading hundreds of write up, 99.9% of them would prefer or to their liking of an ideal date is nice proper dinner & end with a movie. . .
me maybe not. as i'm particular about films & get too possessed into the film & might totally forgotten about the person 1 went with. Definitely a bad idea =) lol...

My ideal first date would be nothing near a shopping mall or inside a mall like any typical date . . .

Picnic by the beach catching sunset would be ideal or star gazing would be perfectly great.
No Where near a beach? surround by driplets or gush of water is every nature lovers 'thing'.
I seriously miss GABAI.

No hiking for sure for the first time =) Do not look great with sweaty hair.
With these, i believe he have got to love to be under the sun/moon.

p/s: greedily hopes he can strung a few cords =)

do i still get to win a pair of DATE Night movie tix? hopefully, craving to catch it since saW its trailer months ago....
if won, *prays hard*, who to bring along???...
i desperately NEEDS IT!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

she went up & met Him

life had been a roller coaster ride this week...
been thinking too much...
am I not?
fret not?
i think i am.
seriously 'lil too much....

about 12 hours ago....

received call from mom
her voice was calm, thought she wanted to ask about me moving house
sad news came
grandma just passed away in LamWahEe Hospital
*i was speech-less*
did not know what to answer her...
I asked, "should i go back to Penang?" (yes, silly me)
ofcourse, come back.
your cousin will be coming back too, you can follow him, contact him.
i was not really expecting her death would be so soon.

just before CNY, my mom told me my grandma had admitted to hospital for Nose, Mouth & Throat (NMT) cancer.
It was spread from her breast cancer, which she had an operation about a year ago.
doctor mention she should be able to live for more years..
but before all these she had a heart by-pass... a severe operation... there's surgical marks from her ankle all the way up to her body... that's where the doc got her vain to reconnect the blocked vain in her heart.. *complicated huhh*, yes it is..

my mom told me, her heart was weak and all these was expected, but doctor say she had another year to go...
but we were all quite prepared... the whole family came together for my grandpa's birthday on the 2nd day of CNY... all except my 3rd uncle & family could not make it because of work... (blame work) =.=;
5 big tables... all family members & a pastor & his wife...
*as my grandpa have got 3 brothers & their families*
- as we would had guess, that's be one of the last few birthday my grandparents could celebrate together..
everyone was busy snapping photos with them both.. yes, include my family...

believed they were happy as well...

when my mom called, i was having my brunch with luyi (the pork burger we've been waiting long)...
i told her the news..
the past 3 death news i heard.. i was with eve. yes, all 3 times.. i was with my best friend...
(maternal side: my 4th uncle, my great grandma & my grand uncle)
this time i was with luyi... thanks friend by being on my side...
- supposingly today i've got no mood to go out at all.. and since i've back to online, i could have stayed home... but my tummy was hungry.. so i went out to meet her for pork burger...
it was great i was with a close friend when my mom broke the news... i think i would have not able to take it strong if i were to be home-alone in the house...

we then headed up to the sofas to online...
after much attempt, i managed to get hooked to the net.
send out a few emails.
called current owner to change move out date
called agent to delay collect keys for new place..
i think i was a bit too shocked & was not really thinking straight..
settled this weekend Raleigh activities..

then headed home to pack. i need to leave KL by tonite..
opt for bus, cheapest & nearest & most convenient
Puduraya had closed down.
buses to Penang had moved to Perhentian Duta.. super near to my place.. =)
packing took me awhile..
i believe i started a little trauma about it then...
what to pack?
where are my stuff? (i've packed most of them into boxes to move house)
aarrgghhhh... was all stressed up... but i need to do this fast..
got all into my 34L deuter
shut down lappie, grab lappie
head down
luyi arrived dah..
she send me to Perhentian Duta.
got my ticket @ 7pm
called luyi, told her i've got tix, she can head home.. *just incase i can't get & got stranded there... thQ luyi*
guy told me 7:30pm - OK
had little dinner, can't be too full, will easily kena motion sickness.
waited. waited. waited.
but finally arrived @ 8:07pm
threw my deuter in the luggage compartment
went up to grab a seat.
had to seat next to an indian... *ish, his smell was the whole journey*... beh ta han lor !!!
but too bad.. the next available seat is way too back, i will easily kena motion sickness again..
*yes, that's how easy i can get..*
keluarkan my sleeping equipments: neck rest, eyes cover & sarong *all time fav*
managed to catch an hour of sleep
kemudian clock shows 9:00pm
tutup mata with eyes cover, managed to close eyes & buka saw clock shows 9:32pm
arrghhhhh when can i arrive Penang ??
i can't sleep at ALL !!!!
rarely of my bus trips PG-KL or KL-PG i feel such...
many visuals came across my mind...
my grandma.. my family.. my friends....
my death... my life....
i went all emo-ed in the bus & looking back at times of my life...
not so worried over mom about this..
but could not really imagine what's next

finally arrived Penang at 1am+...
bus driver was going slow & steady til after Bukit Merah...
as there was a road block before Bukit Merah.. lolx...
but still driving safe..
dad came to picked me up...
could smell instantly once i open the door..
the whole car smelled like a hospital..

arrived home 1am++... was super duper hungry.. almost kena gastric dah..
saw sis watching TV, dad terus masuk tidur, mom greeted me..
as expected she's still doing fine..
terus went to fridge to grab food..
nothing but 'Raleigh's infamous crackers'... which i still have got LOADS in my KL house =(
makan with MILO...

nice... still cannot tahan & online..
received many wishes from friends & family via FB & some sms-es...
the word spread fast... i posted up on FB & my mom juga dah rcv SMS-es from more people which she was wondering how they knew about the news.. thanks to FB for the fast media.. =)

till we meet again in heaven,
good bye grandma...

your lovely grand-daughter

p/s: the photo above is the last photo took with my grandparents during my 2nd day of CNY, celebrating my grandpa's birthday... the rest are all my cousins...
credit: Gladys - curi from my cousin FB album & FYI: she can't read Malay.
her family should be flying to Penang tmrw morning.. or in few hours from SG...