Sunday, July 20, 2014

2013 achievements?

Some might had called it history, others named it memories.

I had forgotten about this blog.
That's awful, at least I had felt.
I had even forgotten to URL to this blog site. Bite me.
I had got to Google it up.
It was that bad.

Reading my past posts (2007 & 2008) had been a great flash back.
How I had always wanted to Get Out from this country.
How had I got myself my first job and bought my first flight ticket with my salary.

How those silly conversation and funny experiences was all recorded in words.
Some, exact words.

Was chatting with a friend of mine about my blog existence had somehow revived this blog. Even Nuffnang no longer have ads on my banner.

After all those rants and work achievements, I finally got myself to the Winterland of Europe.
Landed in Munich Germany.
Travelled a few countries for 30 days.
Munich, Germany.
Prague, Czech Republic.
Vienna, Austria.
Venice, Italy.
Milan, Italy.
Basel, Switzerland.
Mulhouse, France.
Dijon, France.
Paris, France.
Munich, Germany.

It was one of the most important 30 days of my life.
New friends.
Dream came through.
First snow on hand.
First snow mountain.
First winter.
Never enjoyed the sun rays and sunlight was as important it is.

What was life all about?
If I had never experience the grass at the neighbour's lawn?
Was the moon brighter?
Long haul flight serves unlimited alcohol & non-alcoholic beverages?
Spend almost all my savings for the experience was totally worth it?

Life back home had changed.
Views had changed.
Work life had changed.
Thoughts & words changed.

For worst or for the better?
Who am I to judge myself?

Thank you Prudential for giving me an experience of a life time.

Cherished & cherishing.

with love,

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